It looks like No Walks? No Worries is finally landing on doorsteps, courtesy of Amazon. It seems a long time since we finished writing, chose the photos (and that was a hard job given the wonderful pictures we had) and sent everything off to the publisher. And now it’s available for everyone to read. Below is my favourite photo – but then I am biased as that’s Riley, one of my own dogs. My own bias notwithstanding, I feel it captures the essence of relaxation that good crate training, and use, should be about. It’s her safe place, her relaxation space and her favourite sleeping place.

Sleeping Dog in her Crate

Sleeping Dog in her Crate

Of course, the book is about much more than how to crate train. Helen Zulch and I hope it gives you support, confidence and useful ideas for how to maintain the emotional and mental wellbeing of your dogs, as well as physical activities they may still be able to take part in, while their activity is restricted. We’d love to hear your thoughts: please get in touch and let us know what you think. We have a Facebook page for you to share your photos, ask questions or give us feedback.
And if you haven’t got your copy yet, then you can buy now from Amazon:
No walks? No worries! – Maintaining wellbeing for dogs on restricted exercise

Best wishes Sian Ryan

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